Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Easter Egg Hunt At Fenway Bark - April 8

Come join Fenway Bark for the Great Easter Egg Hunt on April 8 from 12 to 2 pm!  RSVPs encouraged!

Registration fee of $5 and proceeds go to the Great Dog Rescue of New England.

Baxter's Review of Fenway Bark

Baxter's parents tell him that he is going into Fenway Bark and we believe he could have pulled a locomotive with his enthusiasm and energy.  You can't write business reviews like these, especially without opposable thumbs.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Important Information from Friends of Peter's Park

Neighborhood Dog Health Alert

Several neighborhood dogs have become seriously ill.  The symptoms may come on fast.   If your dog shows symptoms such as these, visit your vet as soon as you can or contact the MSPCA Angell Emergency Clinic at 617-522-7282 or 350 South Huntington Avenue.

  • Lethargy

  • Drooling

  • Non responsiveness

  • Skin on tongue peeling

  • Extremely sore throat

We do not know a great deal about this apparent virus, or how it gets spread.   In the interest of all our dogs’ health, we encourage you to exercise caution with your own dog.

Thank you,

Upcoming Events at Fenway Bark

February 29 - Basic Obedience Begins - purchase your spot on line
March 3 - K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5 - RSVP
March 9 - Dawgma Gallery Grand Opening at Fenway Bark, 5 to 8:30 PM, RSVP Here
March 10- K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5 - RSVP - (Also Tucker's Birthday celebration!)
March 16 - St Patrick's Day Celebration - Buy a round of beer biscuits for all your dog's friends!  5 - 7 pm.  Photograph your dog as a leprechaun!  Oh me lucky stars!
March 17 - K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5 - RSVP

Video from last week's K9 Klatch!

Welcome Dawgma to Fenway Bark!

Please join us in welcoming Dawgma Gallery Pet Photography to the Fenway Bark family! 

Stop by on Friday, March 9th, 5:00-8:30pm for the Dawgma Gallery Grand Opening, where you'll find light appetizers, beer, wine, and fun door prizes -- don't miss the party! 

Book a photo session at the Grand Opening event for a date in March and receive a complimentary 11x14" print from that session.

RSVP Here!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Therapeutic animal massage available through Zen Massage at Fenway Bark!

Therapeutic massage is much more than petting your animal. Just like humans, dogs and cats can get muscle knots, hold tension, strain a tendon, or have other similar maladies. The difference is, they can't tell us where to find their source of discomfort.

Enter Julie.

Julie's trained hands can find the source of pain, tension, or discomfort in your dog or cat's body and use healing therapeutic deep tissue massage to help alleviate what may be bothering your pet.

Seeing is believing. Above you will find a video of a Fenway Bark client who tends to be shy and clearly by the transformation you see on the video, wants to engage but until the massage relieved some discomfort, didn't socialize or even want a treat.

I saw this video almost a week after the therapy and I am awestruck at the transformation.

Appointment can be made through our concierge at 617-464-4364. Vaccinations are required for all services at Fenway Bark.

Almost makes you want to be a dog.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goose arriving at Fenway Bark!

Some people choose a dog care facility based on Yelp reviews or Google Reviews.  Some people choose to learn about their options from friends, trusted professionals, or contacts at dog parks.  Regardless of how people learn about us, we are always grateful for your kind recommendations.

There is one type of review that can't be manipulated by the competition, however, and that is the reviews of our four legged clients.  And although Goose doesn't have opposable thumbs to craft his own written review, the video tells it all as he realizes he is arriving at Fenway Bark.

If you have a video of your dog recognizing that he/she is coming to Fenway Bark and would like to share it with us, please send it to me at jane@fenwaybarkonline.com.  We would love to share their reviews with our reading audience and Facebook.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laissez Le Bon Temp Rouler!!

February 21 is Fat Tuesday and Fenway Bark is ready with Hurri-K9s being served from 5 to 8 pm! 
 Bring your beads, your dog and let the good times role!


Upcoming Events at Fenway Bark

February 21 - Fat Tuesday at Fenway Bark!  Order up a round of Hurri-K9s for all your dog's friends!
February 25 - K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5
February 26 - French Bulldog Meet Up! - contribution at door to Meet Up group
February 29 - Basic Obedience Begins - purchase your spot on line
March 3 - K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5
March 10- K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buy a Gift Certificate for Fenway Bark Here!

When is a gift certificate a great gift idea for your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors?  Well, here are some ways our customers have used them:

Bridal Shower Gift
Baby Shower Gift
Paying for boarding so family could leave town and come and visit
Birthday present for a friend's dog
A gift to someone when they need to board their dog while having an open house
A thoughtful addendum to a once in a lifetime vacation
To help someone provide care for their dog while they are seeking medical care

How will you use a gift certificate to provide a thoughtful gift?

Upcoming Events at Fenway Bark

February 18 - K9 Klatch 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5
February 25 - K9 Klatch - 12 pm - Health Requirements apply - $5
February 26 - French Bulldog Meet Up! - contribution at door to Meet Up group
February 29 - Basic Obedience Begins - purchase your spot on line

Little Leaguers at Fenway Bark - Please Read

On Saturday we learned that one of our Little League dogs was diagnosed with canine papilloma virus.  This is a highly contagious virus that can only be passed from dog to dog, not dog to human.  The virus causes dog warts and is not believed to be harmful in any way except when a particularly bad case develops that causes eating and swallowing to be painful.

We don't know of any other cases of canine papilloma virus within the guests of Fenway Bark but we ask you to be on the lookout for signs of the virus, particularly if your dog is in our Little League AND is either a puppy or immuno-compromised in some way which puts them at greater risk (e.g., elderly, under cancer treatment).  Adult dogs with normal immunity are at much less risk. Should a dog develop canine papilloma virus, they need to be segregated from daycare for up to 5 months while the warts disappear and as their individual immunity becomes stronger.

If you see your dog has dog warts, please seek the advice of your regular veterinarian.  It is not, however, a medical emergency.  Until then, do not let your dog share toys, food, or water bowls with another dog.  Additionally, if you are a client of Fenway Bark, please let us know if your dog has dog warts.

Dog daycare is not unlike child daycare where being combined into one cohort, they can pick up each others viruses.  Inasmuch as we try to prevent such things from happening, the incubation period for things like canine papilloma virus is quite long, up to 2 months, and it would be impossible to screen for such things with no symptomology present before a dog can begin to transmit it.  We do everything in our power to stop the transmission of diseases including keeping water bowls, rooms, and kennels sanitized, among other measures.  All of our surfaces were selected with the ability to sanitize in mind.  We also have a more stringent set of health requirements than many other facilities including documented evidence of up to date vaccines and a negative fecal float (that includes testing for giardia)  to minimize the risk of transmission of intestinal parasites in a group setting.

It is through the thoughtful notification of families like the one who notified us about their dog's CPV infection, that we can reduce the chances of another dog being infected.  We appreciate everyone who has recognized when their dog has a virus and keeps them home to keep all other dogs from being exposed.  We have wonderful pet families who recognize the importance of keeping all the dogs as safe as possible.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Useful Website for Remembering When to Pill Fido or Phee Phee

Are you always trying to remember when to give heartworm, flea medication or the daily dose of some other remedy for your dog or cat?  Check out this cool site from Novartis to help you remember key medication and vaccine dates.  And as always, Fenway Bark helps their clients remember when key vaccines and health measurements are due.