Sunday, September 25, 2011

Give Us Your Feedback - Are you interested in breed specific meet ups at Fenway Bark?

As the cold weather approaches, we are looking to build out our customer event programming to meet the needs of the community.

We are interested in your thoughts on breed specific meet ups throughout the winter. Let us know what breed Meet Ups you would like us to schedule and the day/time of the week that would work best for you.

Upcoming Calendar of Fenway Bark Events:

October 1 - Woofstock - Hudson, MA - Fenway Bark will offering a raffle prize to raise money for Buddy Dog Rescue
October 2 -  Blessing of the Animals, St. Anthony's Shrine, Downtown Crossing
October 22 and 29, November 5 - Muddy Paw Studio - fine photography sessions at Fenway Bark for holiday gift giving and cards, arrange your sitting through the concierge ($400/sitting with a $100 credit toward future purchases).
October 26 - After work Howl-oween soiree for our friends and guests.  Pets should come in costume and parents are encouraged to join in the fun! 6 pm to 7:30 pm
October 29 - Fenway Bark will be contributing a raffle prize to the Joey Fund for Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England.
November 12 - Pet Tech First Aid and CPR training class at Fenway Bark
December 2 - 3 - Holiday trunk show at Fenway Bark for the Pet Lover in your life.

New England Pet Expo - September 24, 2011 - What a turn out!

Thanks to everyone who came by to say "hello!" and meet the Fenway Bark team. We enjoyed meeting you and your pets and hope that you will come by to see Fenway Bark soon. Until then, we hope your dog will wear the bandana with pride and spread the word about Fenway Bark to your network!

Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Certification Course

Are you prepared if you see a dog or cat who needs first aid or CPR? Take the Fenway Bark CPR and First Aid course provided through Pet Tech to attain your certification and be a good scout, "always prepared"!

Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Certification

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2012 Cruise Schedule

Fenway Bark is adjacent to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in the Marine Industrial Park at the Seaport.  What does that mean for you?  Bring your pet to Fenway Bark and then jump on a cruise.  We are just steps from the gangway! 

Book a luxury box and park your car at Fenway Bark during the trip to reduce your overall travel cost.  Keep your pet and car together at the same location and take a taxi to the airport, South Station, or walk to Black Falcon Terminal to depart for your trip.

Purchase your cruise through Travel Renaissance and receive a gift certificate for Fenway Bark as part of your purchase package!

2012 Cruise Schedule from Black Falcon Terminal
Travel Renaissance offer!

Fenway Bark is open 24/7, 365 days a year for your travel convenience.  Drop off and pick up to match your life plans, not vice versa.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September - December Event Calendar

We are really having too much fun.  Honestly.  

Although we don't have every event fully flushed out, we want to let you know about the items that are firm on the calendar so you can plan accordingly (and spread the word, we hope!)


September 18 - Fenway Bark is a participant and sponsor of the Somerville Dog Festival!  Bring your critter and spend a beautiful 60 degree day with your fur family having some wholesome fun together!

September 20 - Fenway Bark appears on Jake the Vet on NECN at 8:15am!  If your pup was at Fenway Bark on the day of filming be sure to tell your friends to tune in!  We take no responsibility for your pup being followed around by the pup-arazzi afterward!

September 24 - Fenway Bark will have a booth at the New England Pet Expo at Shriner's Auditorium. Ten to fifteen thousand pet owners are expected!  Come and enjoy the fun!


October 3 - We are delighted to be a corporate sponsor of the Blessing of the Animals at St. Anthony's Shrine in Downtown Crossing.

In Mid October we will have a mentoring event for at risk youth to show them the special relationship between animals and people.  We would like to showcase the different jobs that dogs have and their handlers training and role.  If you have a K9 dog, a working dog, or a therapy dog you feel would be a good fit for our mentoring program and you would enjoy the opportunity to help at risk youth by sharing and mentoring at our program, please contact Jane for more information.

October 26 - Fenway Bark's evening Howl-o-ween parade and soiree!  Bring your pet in costume for some Halloween fun at Fenway Bark!  Refreshments will be served.  Miss Cleo Bella's mom, a superstar bartender in the Boston market, is formulating a spooky cocktail menu for the two legged guests.

December 2 - 3 - Fenway Bark's art showcase weekend for holiday shopping!  We will be bringing together some fabulous artists (many of whom are customers!) to come and showcase their pet-centric wares.  Come to Fenway Bark to find something special for the pet lover on your holiday list.  If you are an artist who would like to participate, please contact Jane for more information.

We have a number of other events in the works, many of which benefit the community, so stay tuned!

 Please Take a Moment to Share Your Great Fenway Bark Experiences with Others!

The team at Fenway Bark works very hard every day to earn your endorsement.  If you feel we are doing a good job, will you take a moment to share your experience on Google Places and Yelp?  If you feel we need to improve our services in any way, please contact Jane by email or call 617-464-4364.  Your kind words may help other thoughtful dog and cat families find their way to Fenway Bark, too.  

Next time you are at your veterinarian, please tell their staff if you are happy with your dog's or cat's experience at Fenway Bark. 

Remember that Fenway Bark has a reward and recognition program for telling others about Fenway Bark. Check it out here.

Survey Says. . .

Thanks to the legions (20% of our customer base!. . .seriously statistically significant) who filled out the Fenway Bark Fall survey!  We are delighted to learn about the things we are doing well, activities you feel are important, and whether we are meeting your expectations.

To that end, we will be sharing some of the survey data with you over the next month or two.  One survey statistic we are happy to share with you today is:

97.8% of the people who took the survey were highly likely to recommend Fenway Bark to others! 

Thank you.  We are humbled by the overwhelming support of our business.  We are the little engine that could and in this economy, you are the fuel that get us up the hill!

Did you know . . .

  • Fenway Bark is offering limited pick up and drop off service for daycare in Back Bay, Cambridge, Fenway and the North End at no additional cost for routine riders with daycare packages?
  • We offer grooming 5 days a week and as we get busier, we will expand our grooming services to 7 days a week?  Grooming appointments are available Tuesday - Saturday by our two professionally trained and certified groomers.  The feedback from the vast majority of our customers who have used our grooming services has been super positive

  • Fenway Bark has the longest day care hours in the Boston Metro area?  Hour for hour we have the most economical daycare in the City, as well.  We appreciate the fact you recognize that having exceptionally long daycare hours of professionals overseeing the care of your pup may cost a little more but that the convenience of the hours and the quality of the care is worth it. 

  • Fenway Bark provides 24/7 check in and check out service for boarding.  We don't charge extra for late night check outs or require you to buy extra nights because the facility is closed like others in the market.  We know that when you get back from traveling you want your dog not a "closed" sign at a kennel.  We know that because we have dogs, love dogs, and built a business based on our own experiences of not being able to pick up our dog when we returned home.  Our boarding customers know that it costs less to board at Fenway Bark because we work on a 24 hour clock, not on the number of days which usually adds up to be a lot more.
  • Based on the survey, over 90% of our customers believe our staff is both professional and friendly?  We have some work to do in a couple of areas and we know we are not perfect but with the help of your feedback we will continue to improve.   We don't tolerate unprofessional behavior and as we continue to refine our line up, our expectations of customer first becomes more evident.  If someone from our team provides you with exceptionally good service, please take a moment to let Carmine, Jim or I know so we can reward exceptional service. 
  • According to the survey, most of our customers feel we offer better customer service than other businesses they patronize?
  • Fenway Bark is offering fine photography sessions with Muddy Paw Studios on October 22 and 29 at Fenway Bark.  Sittings are $400 and $200 of the fee can be used as a credit toward the purchase of product.  Sittings are approximately 1 hour.  If you would like to arrange a sitting so that you have photographs for holiday gift giving and holiday cards, call the concierge at 617-464-4364 to purchase your sitting.  You can also email the concierge for your convenience.

Finally, I just want to say "thank you" to all of your for your support and bringing your family, co-workers, and friends to Fenway Bark for tours.  We appreciate every customer that chooses us for our services and are grateful for your support and enthusiasm.

We hope to see you at our future events!



Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Is What Its All About

Fenway Bark was a dream of mine for a number of years.  We have brought that dream to fruition in the past few weeks. Yes, we have been open for 6 months so let me explain.

Fenway Bark is more than a boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and retail store.  To me and to Germaine Murphy, it is a community place where caring customers bring their pets for exceptional customer service and care.  Germaine knows this more than anyone else in the Fenway Bark family when her dog, Cleo Bella, went missing a few weeks ago.

When Cleo Bella, a beautiful pit/lab mix and a client of Fenway Bark, went missing after being hit by a car, Germaine came to Fenway Bark to let us know what had happened.  Immediately we used our resources to help our client find her dog.  Through Facebook, client awareness, employees, and friends, we helped get the word out about Cleo Bella in the greater Boston area.  Within hours over 2500 people in the Greater Boston area who follow us on Facebook knew to be on the lookout.  Fenway Bark generated posters and put them on Facebook so people could help spread the word.

And they did. In numbers that are still hard to believe.  Hundreds of people, many of whom are Fenway Bark customers and had never met Germaine or Cleo Bella, took to the pavement and searched for Cleo Bella.  They printed and hung posters, told friends, spread the word on social media and brought their own dogs on very long walks to try to find her.

Hurricane Irene arrived and left and Cleo Bella was still on the streets.  Our clients, strangers to Cleo Bella and Germaine, went out in hurricane conditions to find her. We were touched by the ground swell of support for Germaine by our customers who we proudly call "friends".

And now for the fairy tale ending.  With the support and communication of many people, Cleo Bella returned to the arms of Germaine on September 1.  Persistence, communication, networking, and the help of a beagle, Cleo Bella was found, 8 lbs lighter and with a few injuries from the car accident.

Cleo Bella and her mom are going to be OK.  Both are delighted to be together again.  Germaine and Fenway Bark have both grown to understand the goodness of people when rallied to a common, worthy cause.  And I love my customers, both two and four legged, even more.

The dream was to create a business that had more than revenue as its goal.  Our sights have always been set on creating a positive, caring environment for people who consider pets family.  Through Germaine's struggle and triumph I have realized that we have achieved that goal.

On Saturday from 5 - 8 pm Fenway Bark is having a get together for Germaine and Cleo Bella to celebrate and for those who helped look for her, to finally meet them.

If you were part of the search party, please come and hug both Germaine and Cleo Bella, too!

Fenway Bark Upcoming Events:

Celebration for Cleo Bella - September 10 from 5 - 8 pm
MSPCA - "Walk for Animals" - September 11 from 11 - 2 pm "Team Fenway Bark"
VCA South Shore Grand Opening - September 17
Somerville Dog Festival - September 18
Blessing of the Animals - October 2
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England - Joey Fund - October 29

Reservations for Upcoming Holidays:

Columbus Day weekend is filling up and so is Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you need reservations, please make them soon to get the best choice of options for your pet!

800 number