Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fenway Bark Stay.Play.Heal. Successfully Completes “Ruff” Zoning Journey in South Boston

It has been a long journey but yesterday we received the ratification of the zoning board decision regarding Fenway Bark's IPOD permits. We are thrilled.

Back in December we had no idea there was an IPOD or what an IPOD is but we have learned A LOT since then. We have learned a lot about civics, the zoning laws, process, and existing compliance (or lack thereof) within the IPOD.

I could write a book and indeed, I have been asked to do just that about my experience. However, I am more interested in bringing the best in dog care to Boston and the book will have to wait. I have good notes so maybe someday when the pooches are snoozing, I can put "pen to paper" and write a business school case study so the learnings are not lost.

Please find attached our press release regarding the ratification.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

A special thanks, once again, to Saul.


Press Release

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gracie's Mission Dog Walk

We had a great time at Gracie's Mission dog walk at Borderland State Park on Sunday! We met some wonderful dogs and the families they adopted.

Here is a picture of Bella, a 2 month old 2 pound Yorkapoo, and Karma, a 2 year old 140 lb Leonberger, who played in the shade of the Fenway Bark display. They were both happy to be part of the walk to raise money for a worthwhile charity. We hope to see both of them at Fenway Bark when we open in September.

If you would like to learn more about Gracie's Mission, please go to
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Meeting Space for Dog Groups!

Did you know that Fenway Bark will provide beautiful and ample meeting space for pet related organizations?  For charities, the space will be offered free of charge! 

Fenway Bark will rent space for a small fee to groups for business meetings!  The fee will go toward one of our chosen charities including Alliance for Animals and NEADS, an organization that provides service dogs to the Deaf and Disabled and injured combat veterans.

The concierge at Fenway Bark will help you with all the catering details.  We support local business and will help you work with local caterers to help the local economy.

Please contact Fenway Bark at 617-464-4364 for details.

If your group would like to have a tasty beverage (of the adult kind!) while having your meeting, did you know that the South Boston VFW rents space for a small charge and allows dogs in their meeting facility? They have plenty of parking and are a hop, skip, and jump from Andrew Station Red Line!  If you want to use their facility, please see the contact information below:

South Boston VFW Post 6536
7 Ellery Street
South Boston, MA 02127
T 617-464-4301

Please contact: .  

Please pass this information to anyone you know who participates in an animal related business or charity!

We would like to thank all the veterans who so passionately have supported Fenway Bark at 553 E. First Street!  We salute you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fenway Bark is Corporate Sponsor for Gracie's Mission Walk on June 27

Please join Fenway Bark on June 27 at 9 am for a charity dog walk at Borderland State Park supporting Gracie's Mission.  Gracie's Mission is an organization that educates pet owners on alternative holistic therapies for pet care.  Gracie's Mission also raises funds to help owner's in need secure the treatments their pet needs.

Fenway Bark will offer hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, and treadmill services as adjunctive care as part of your veterinarian's comprehensive treatment program. 

The weather is supposed to be S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R on Sunday!  Pack a picnic and provisions for the pup and come join us!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does small business make a difference during a recession? Fenway Bark Does It's Part in a Ruff Economy

It has been a long journey with South Boston IPOD zoning and the City of Boston procedural processes that are required and I have been asked "Was it worth it?" 

Here is what I know for sure: The way out of the recession is investment in small business.

In the brief time since we received both of our ZBA approvals we have been able to identify future qualified employees and 50% are from South Boston (most live within a few blocks of Fenway Bark!), where unemployment approaches 20%.  When we are done hiring, we will have employed at least 20 people at the time we open with the potential to double that number as we expand our business.

In addition we have hired architects, seamstresses, exclusively patronized local restaurants (try Cafe Mamtaz, our personal favorite, at 87 L Street), identified construction specialists and are doing our part to stimulate the economy. 

Please support small business.  We look forward to serving you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You can help the people in the Gulf! See link and Fenway Bark taking a lead to help!

The oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is hurting not only wildlife in the Gulf, but also families who can no longer support themselves or their pets. Pets are being surrendered to shelters simply because people can't feed them with no income or a pittance from BP. Our connections in the Gulf have provided us with a reputable shelter that has a pet food pantry that is trying to help these people. They need donations to help support the families that would never surrender their pet(s) otherwise. Bring your receipt from your donation to St.Bernard to Fenway Bark when we open and we will give you an equal credit on services. If you donated, please leave a message on the blog!

Each of us can make a difference!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Opening Update

We know many of you are eager to enroll your pup in daycare or make overnight reservations at Fenway Bark, and the delay in opening has been a burden. We regret that the delay has occurred and we are eager to serve you and your pup(s) to provide the finest dog care and stewardship in the Boston market.

We are moving at the "speed of government" (and you are welcome to add your own subtext to that statement). Due to another procedural delay, we are forced to push back our opening to September. We will speed up our opening where we have control of the time line and where speed won't compromise quality, safety, and selection of environmentally friendly materials where reasonably possible.

We know there are other options in the Boston market and we hope that when we open, you will consider us equally on merit without the burden of extended contracts or pre-pays compromising your objectivity in selecting the best care for your pet.

We promise to keep you posted.

As always, we encourage you to join the website so that when we can FINALLY open registration and reservations with complete confidence, you will be able to receive exclusive offers, promotions, and invitations to special events.

If humans liked ear noogies (well, maybe some of you do but that won't be a question on the registration, we promise), I would give one to each of you who have so passionately and loyally (and let us not forget fiscally!) supported us through this epic zoning procedure because you believe in our business and what we are trying to achieve. Your unwavering support is so appreciated!


PS - A special shout out to Saul at L.H.C.! Thank you for believing and willingness to go the distance! Schlemiel and Schlimazel are getting lifetime upgrades into luxury suites (but Schlemiel can't root for the Yankees regardless of place of birth! :-)