Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winter is around the corner. . .

Winter is around the corner so you are probably cleaning up leaves, putting in storm windows, checking out the new boots at Nordstroms, and putting a fresh antifreeze in your car.  All those are great steps to keeping YOU safe and comfortable as winter approaches but what about your buddy?

Yes, you need to winterize your pets, too! 

Fenway Bark is offering its clients a winter care package to keep their paws healthy during a cold New England winter.  Dog are subject to snow and ice getting packed in their paws, cracking of their delicate paw pads, and street/sidewalk salt being caught in their paws where they are likely to lick it out if not wiped off after a winter stroll.

For $150 for the winter, Fenway Bark will maintain your pet's paws weekly, keeping the nails trimmed, fur trimmed between the pads, cleaned of any harsh elements and moisturized to keep the pads healthy.

If you would like to sign up for the service, please ask the concierge to sign your dog up for a Pawdicure package!  Or email the concierge to sign up your dog and request we charge the service to your card on file.

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